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Music needs fans and fans need music.

Music, like all art, is essential for a healthy democracy and a healthy nation.  

It connects us to each other, to our common history and, as Rosanne Cash says, music is “the premier service industry for the heart and soul. We cannot survive without music.”

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The Problem

Streaming music for free has replaced purchasing albums. Artists scrape together a range of revenue streams including touring, selling merch, and direct support from fans. One hundred and fifty shows a year for touring artists isn’t  uncommon – and with the high cost of travel, artists can actually lose money on tour.

Artists regularly see their music shared without compensation. Existing law shields tech companies from responsibility. Payment rates from digital platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and others are far too low.

Hidden ticket fees and predatory resellers are hurting artists and fans. Venues, promoters and ticket companies are adding high fees on top of concert tickets while predatory resellers buy up the best inventory to resell for profit. And some venues take merch cuts of up to 20% – money that fans want go to artists to help with the high cost of touring.  

Artists are having an increasingly difficult time earning a living creating, recording and performing their music. We can help.

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Average payment rates per stream on digital platforms:

YouTube Music
$ 0
$ 0
Apple Music
$ 0

Fair Pay for All Music Creators

Transparency + Accountability from Online Platforms

Control and Compensation for Use of Artists' Work

Fan-Friendly Concert Experiences Free from Predatory Ticket Selling Practices

What is the Fan Alliance?

Fans can be a powerful force for policy and industry changes that artists need for sustainable careers in a rapidly changing industry.

Fan Alliance builds a network and community of fans that can work together to pass new laws and industry practices that will create a fair sustainable ecosystem for artists. Fan Alliance will:

1) Inform fans about important music related legislation

2) Invite fans to take action by contacting representatives,  signing petitions and other actions to make our voices heard.
3) Give fans tools to educate other fans and expand the network.

Join the alliance - it's easy!

There’s no cost to join. We are a volunteer group whose goal is to support music creators.  All you have to do is sign the Fan Alliance Pledge and take action to support artists. We’ll send periodic emails to share news about the issues and suggest actions fans can take.  

P.S. Anyone who is a fan can join: Every artist, producer, manager, or music worker is also a fan. 

crowd at concert - summer music festival

The Fan Alliance Pledge

Fan Alliance exists to support music creators. We all need music and musicians need a decent livelihood to create the music.

Share with your friends and networks!

After signing the FA pledge, you will receive periodic emails with updates on the issues and campaigns.  We will not sell or distribute your email to any third party at any time. View our Privacy Policy.

Share the pledge with your friends and networks!

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Music is life itself.
Louis Armstrong

What supporters are saying...

Rissi Palmer
Rissi PalmerMusician, Color Me Country Host
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"We couldn't create our music if it weren't for the fans. We need the Fan Alliance more than ever."
Lowell Waxmanfan
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"Making music is creative work that deserves fair compensation. It enriches lives and is an essential element of a world of justice and progress."
Rhiannon Giddens
Rhiannon GiddensMusician
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"Spread the word. Change starts with us."
Carissa StoltingArtist Manager
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"Artists restore my hope for the possibility of a more loving, compassionate, and peaceful world. I need that hope desperately."
Marc Ribot
Marc RibotMusician
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"We need to organize, and the Fan Alliance gives fans a chance to support and participate in indie musicians’ own organizing in ways that will really count.”
“As musicians, we treasure our relationship with fans. It’s a powerful system of energy and love exchange. The Fan Alliance recognizes this essential connection and gives guidance to fans who want to support and sustain their favorite artists."
Rosanne Cash, Musician

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