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Peter Mulvey

The Real Currency of Art

An occasional artist guest post: This one by Peter Mulvey

In 1783 the Montgolfier Brothers became the first human beings to fly, when they went up in the hot air balloon they’d invented, in Versailles. Someone in the crowd turned

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Why I Created Fan Alliance

For years I’ve been saying that musicians need an army of fans to help create an industry that values their work and provides livable wages. Now I need your help to create a powerful movement of fans who love and

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What is the Fan Alliance?

“You will find concrete ways to help, and also ways to think about how the problem is systemic and also individual. Spread the word. Change starts with us.” — Rhiannon Giddens Artists and the entire independent music ecosystem and

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Protect Performers Support the No AI Fraud Act - Human Artistry Campaign

The No A.I. Fraud Act

Share It seems like all of sudden A.I. – artificial intelligence – was everywhere last year. In the press, in the stock market and in the media. The actors and writers strikes (SAG, AFTRA, WGA) brought center stage the potential

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The Protect Working Musicians Act

Share U.S. Representative Deborah Ross (D-NC) introduced an enhanced new version of the Protect Working Musicians Act today, legislation that would allow small and independent artists and music creators to collectively negotiate fairer rates and terms for the use of

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