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The Issues

Artificial Intelligence

Creative works shape our identity, values, and worldview. And there are fundamental elements of our culture that are uniquely human. Only humans are capable of communicating the endless intricacies, nuances, and complications of the human condition through art – whether it be music, performance, writing, or any other form of creativity.

Developments in artificial intelligence are exciting and could advance the world farther than we ever thought possible. But AI can never replace human expression and artistry. 

As new technologies emerge and enter such central aspects of our existence, it must be done responsibly and with respect for the irreplaceable artists, performers, and creatives who have shaped our history and will chart the next chapters of human experience.

Streaming royalties

Under current laws, small and independent musicians have little ability to bargain for fair royalties for the use of their music by global online platforms that include Apple Music, Spotify, and YouTube. Instead, these artists have been forced to accept whatever compensation is offered without the ability to collectively negotiate for market value rates.

The current model threatens the livelihoods of the thousands of independent artists who seek to use online distribution platforms that provide essential pathways to reach current and potential fans.

While standing alone, independent creators have little power; together, they could collectively negotiate on a level playing field to secure fair licensing rates for their work.

Ticketing Reform

Fans and artists are facing the glaring consequences of an unchecked ticketing market that has been exploited by predatory resellers. If Congress does not act, the status quo – devoid of essential protections – leaves consumers vulnerable and harms artists.

Predatory and deceptive practices run rampant, as ticket resale platforms become breeding grounds for fraud, counterfeit tickets, and exorbitant price gouging. As a result, according to Bloomberg, resale ticket prices on one platform Stubhub have increased more than 100 percent since 2019, while the face value of tickets has increased only ten percent.

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