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Why I signed the Pledge:

Artists lift our spirits and help make life worth living!
Artists restore my hope for the possibility of a more loving, compassionate, and peaceful world. I need that hope desperately.
As an artist, I am aware of the issues firsthand. As a fan, I want to support and encourage music makers by working for their sustainable future.
Every momentous moment that I have had in my life has been acompanied by music. If I were to reflect on those moments and think that the people playing that music were barely scraping by, it cheapens those moments.
I am an artist myself! And I know that my life wouldn’t be as bright without music creators.
I have many musician friends trying to make a living and live music has been an important part of my life for most of my 76 years. I want it to be an important part of my grandchildren’s lives as well, whether as performers or listeners.
I love music and love to support musicians’ creativity.
I love music and want people to be able to make a living performing.
I support independent and small-label musicians!
Music and art are the lifeblood of society. When musicians and artists suffer, music and art suffer.
Music enriches our lives and our society. Its creators deserve recognition, respect and fair pay for their contributions to all of us.
Music is good for the soul and a wonderful creative expression-that also can be just plain fun or enjoyment. Let music fill our lives.
Music keeps me sane.
Musicians and other artists help make our world a better place and they should be properly compensated for the talents and not ripped off by industry and others!
Musicians deserve to make a living and earn a living wage.
People I trust, like Carsie Blanton (in The Nation) and Donald Cohen (online) have explained how disastrous Spotify and other streaming sites have been to artists in the industry.
They bring huge joy to my life and deserve to be fairly compensated.
To support artists! So that creativity continues, and we empower this special group to do their magic and be rewarded for it!
It’s crucial we continue to support music education programs, live music concerts; as well as provide all musicians w/ a living wage.
This alliance is a long time in coming. It is very important to address issues about fairness for all music creators and the time to address those issues is now.
I have been advocating this for years. The only way it can be done is strength in numbers.
I need music almost as much as oxygen.
I believe musicians deserve to thrive economically making their art!
Music sustains us, brings us creativity and joy, and keeps us going. Working musicians need to make a living.
I want to see an end to predatory fees by ticket sellers.
My life would be so sad without music! Artists and creators deserve fair compensation for their work — and audiences should be able to enjoy live music without nasty companies making it expensive and inaccessible. Thank you musicians!
We need music and musicians need us.
Although I’ve been a professional musician for a long time, I’ve been an ardent music FAN for even longer.
I believe in the importance of music and art for our mental health and well-being. I think artists should be paid fair wages for their work.
I think artists are an essential part of the human experience and quality of life for all people.

Sign the pledge!

Join us and support a music community that works for fans and artists alike.