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What is the Fan Alliance?

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“You will find concrete ways to help, and also ways to think about how the problem is systemic and also individual. Spread the word. Change starts with us.” Rhiannon Giddens


Artists and the entire independent music ecosystem and in the “age of streaming” are finding it harder and harder to make secure livelihoods. And new industry trends on the horizon such as A.I. are further threatening the ability of working artists to sustain their careers.

We need a movement of fans to create a fair and sustainable ecosystem for musicians.  Fans have the power to make a better ecosystem for all musicians.


Fan Alliance, launched in November 2023, employs grassroots organizing strategies to build that network of engaged fans to advocate for new laws and industry practices to protect musicians. Fan Alliance will: 

        Educate fans on the issues artists are facing and give fans tools to educate other fans and expand the network.

        Inform fans in real-time about critical music-related legislation such as A.I. protections and ticketing reform and other creative artist-led campaigns.

        Share actionable ways for fans to engage (i.e. contacting representatives, signing petitions, etc.)


Fan Alliance supports artist-led campaigns. Currently Fan Alliance is supporting the Human Artistry Campaign’s effort to create A.I. protections and NIVA’s Fix the Tix Campaign for ticket transparency and end predatory ticket reselling. 


Here’s how you can help:

        Share Fan Alliance with fans, artists, venues, and friends and urge them to sign the Pledge (on the website) and follow on social media.

o   URL:

o   Facebook:

o   Instagram: @thefanalliance

o   Twitter: @thefan_alliance

        Share one of the infographics (attached) on your social media accounts.


Artists on Fan Alliance:

“As musicians, we treasure our relationship with fans. It’s a powerful system of energy and love exchange. The Fan Alliance recognizes this essential connection and gives guidance to fans who want to support and sustain their favorite artists.” – Roseanne Cash


“We need to organize, and the Fan Alliance gives fans a chance to support and participate in indie musicians’ own organizing in ways that count.”  – Marc Ribot


We couldn’t create our music if it weren’t for the fans. We need Fan Alliance more than ever.”  — Rissi Palmer, Arist, Color Me Country Host


Fan Alliance is spearheaded by Donald Cohen, a long-time labor and community organizer and supporter of the arts. Donald co-founded the Rainey Day Fund (currently administered by the Newport Foundation) which supports marginalized voices in roots music.


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