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Why I Created Fan Alliance


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For years I’ve been saying that musicians need an army of fans to help create an industry that values their work and provides livable wages.

Now I need your help to create a powerful movement of fans who love and depend on the music artists create.

These are challenging times for artists.  For example:

  • Streaming music for free has replaced purchasing albums.
  • Artists regularly see their music shared without compensation while existing law shields tech companies from responsibility. 
  • Payment rates from digital platforms like Spotify, YouTube, and others are far too low.
  • AI, without protections, threatens livelihoods.

Read the uber-talented Carsie Blanton’s article in The Nation about how musicians are making ends meet – or not.

It was a brave act by Carsie, but many artists are uncomfortable sharing their economic reality. An artist I admire shared this with me:

“Most fans have no idea how the economic reality has changed for middle class artists. No matter how carefully I choose my words, I can’t find the language that feels appropriate to communicate it all to the people who love and support my music. I have often said that the education “feels like someone else’s job,” as I worry I’ll come off as bitter if I tell people the truth about my changing reality.”

I decided to create the Fan Alliance to do that education and to mobilize fans to support artist-led advocacy campaigns for fair compensation and control over their art.

My goal is simple – grow a large list of fans who can sign petitions, educate their friends and take other actions to support artist campaigns. The “Issues” page on the website describes some of the current campaigns.

I’m asking you to do two simple things:
1.  Join and sign the Fan Alliance Pledge You won’t get flooded with emails – just an occasional article or action alert.

2.  Invite your friends, colleagues, email lists, social media pages and everyone you know who loves music to sign also. There’s power in numbers.

And, before you ask, ANYONE who is a fan can sign up. Everyone I know who works for a record label, manages artists, is a musician or music worker is also a fan!


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